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💥100 ft. of 4mm 10 Strand Paracord Parachute Cord Rope Climbing Emergency Kit Outdoor Hiking Accessories|Paracord|

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💫Unreal 10 Strands of Strength Paracord!

This is a perfect addition to your bugout bag!  Made with 7 strands of of triple polyester... 1 Strand of PE fishing line, 1 Cotton Strand and 1 Red Flax strand... The Cotton strand and the Red Flax strands can be used to help get the camp fire going!  Great Multi-Purpose stuff! Multiple Colors to choose from...

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Rope Diamete:4mm
Rope Standard:10 inner strands
Total Length:100 plus ft.
Color: Black, dark green, green, range, khaki
Type: Outdoor camping rope survival kit
Model Number: Parachute cord
Load bearing: 650lb/292kg
Package Included: 1x Paracord Cord Rope